Live-tweeting Tinder: #swipeleft

Join me in sharing.

Beyond the pop sensation of the song, this moment… YES. For the longest time, I didn’t understand why I wanted to make art or how to describe the feeling of creating something that connects with other people. Pharrell is living here what I’ve finally understood to be the whole point of creation: not that someone says, “hey, I like what you made” but that you’ve created something wherein people can see and feel themselves. It makes us all feel a little less isolated, alone, and frankly, crazy.

Changing up my Twitter following/usage

TL;DR: I’m unfollowing lots of people on Twitter and I swear, it’s not you, it’s me.

I go through periods where I need to change my social media style for one reason or another, and I’m in the middle of another one. I’ve been spending less and less time on Twitter because I’d been just simply overloaded by following around 1,000 people; I tried employing lists and keeping the same main following, but it’s just not working. So, I’ve started moving lots and lots of people over to lists that I’m now checking in a different way, and working on whittling down my main feed to things and people I don’t see or interact with elsewhere, or who post radically different content on Twitter than their other platforms/newsletters/blogs/etc. Especially if we’re friends on Facebook, I’m unfollowing you because I love and participate with folks in a personal way much better there. The lists I’m adding a bunch of yous to, I’m still getting the hang of checking and using well (hello, Twitter, do something about that). If I miss important news or you want to get ahold of me, I check @’s a ton, and many of you have my contact info anyways. 

love love love yous. thank you for understanding!