How my iPad got named after Wanda Sykes

I posted the above photo from the Women’s Media Center gala last night, with a note that I got to tell Wanda Sykes that I’d named my iPad her—she was emceeing the festivities. Disclaimer: I lurve her. I lurve everything she’s done, and I have most of “Sick & Tired,” one of her stand-up DVDs, memorized. If you haven’t seen it… OMG. Go. Watch. Now.

Anyhoo, the iPad story. 

I had been holding off on getting one for a long time. One, I didn’t, honestly, really get them. They’re a giant iPhone, what’s the big deal? (I now know better. I have seen the Light.) But more importantly, two: I was trying to be good with my money and not spend it on every little thing. My dear friend Sonal has been helping me with this over the last year—coaching me and basically being my sponsor every time I wanted to buy something unnecessary. “You will feel better,” she kept telling me, “with that $800 in your savings account when things get scary.” Sigh, she’s right.

When I came back from Berlin in September, things had improved on the financial front, but I was still really trying to hold off on the iPad till the new one comes out sometime next year. Then I started to have a REEEAAAALLLYYYY crappy day one day. I mean, just everything was going wrong. I started to get the iPad itch, and called Sonal.

"I want to go buy an iPad. Like, right now. Just leave the house and go get one," I said.

Turns out, Sonal was having a reeeeeaaalllyyy crappy day, too. “You know what? You should. F*** it. Just go f***ing buy it.”

"Yeah!" I squealed. "F*** it! Nothing matters! Everything’s pointless! Whee!"

We started giggling and riffing and landed on this favorite bit of ours from Ms Sykes. Good Lord, we laughed so hard we were crying and yelling “I don’t give a f***!”

I went and bought the iPad that evening. I bought her a pink cover, and named her “Wanda Sykes.”

Post script: when I told her this story, she laughed and then stopped and got semi-serious sounding, and said, “That’s a good story.” WIN.