My experience, as a two-gendered trans woman, is that cis geek feminists can be more accepting; but i’ve also encountered “I know enough” attitudes from cis geek feminists which make things more difficult for me. By “‘I know enough’ attitudes”, i’m referring to attitudes where the cis person in question believes themselves to know all about trans experiences; that there’s nothing left for them to learn, no manifestations of cis privilege they’re not aware of, and no cissexist attitudes / behaviours left to challenge.

i also regularly encounter cis geek feminists using such language as “I’m sick of tech conferences being sausagefests” and “Why should I be excluded from tech circles just because I have a vagina?” Using ‘sausage’ as a synecdoche for ‘man’ and ‘vagina’ as a synecdoche for ‘woman’ is highly problematic, from a trans perspective: not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas; some women have penises, some men have vaginas. In online conversations where i’ve made it clear i’m a woman, people don’t say to me: “Oh but do you have a penis? Because if you do, you can totally join the boys club!” (Indeed, if it somehow comes out that I do still have a penis, i can end up being lectured on how that means i’m not really a woman - because we all know womanhood can be reduced to “having a vagina”, amirite? :-P And although it’s true that in person, i can often be read as “a cis guy in a skirt/dress” - and receive male privilege thereby; cf. this old blog post of mine - it’s psychologically hurtful and damaging to be thus constantly misgendered as a result of cissexist assumptions about “what a woman looks like”.)

So i guess my own perspective is that i’d ask cis geek feminists to be wary of becoming too complacent in thinking that they’re “already sufficiently accepting” of trans women.

— Alexis

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