Service announcement

1. This blog was renamed to yesterday. If you’re following via Tumblr, you don’t have to do anything. Just a PSA on the change. I re-claimed and put up a “I’ve moved” message over there.

One thing that kind of blows is that I’ve lost all the Twitter/Facebook share counts for all my posts here, because of the URL change. I’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH THEY ALL LOVE ME. (or don’t)

2. My Twitter handle was also changed to @deanna yesterday. YAY. Some interesting things I discovered:

  • If someone has linked to a status update of mine with my old username, that link doesn’t break. Which also means things like Storify stories don’t break. Woo!
  • Foursquare changes its username for you whenever you change your Twitter handle (if the accounts are linked).
  • A lot of services that are linked to Twitter for sharing purposes won’t break when you change your name. It would seem the link between services is based on another unique token like a magical user ID or some such thing.

For the record, in case anyone’s wondering, too— when you change your name, you don’t lose your followers because you’re just changing the name of the account, and not creating a new one.