Bonafide reasonably healthy strawberry pie

I haven’t tried this yet, but my Uncle Robert emailed it to me yesterday and I just haaaaad to shaaaaaaare. YUM.

Yesterday, thinking about a refrigerator full of strawberries and the need to do something about them, I started ruminating (actually it would have been pre-ruminating, kinda like mentally salivating) about what to do.  The meds I am currently on dictate I be very careful with my diet and sugar.  Here is what I came up with.  It was very tasty, very strawberryish, and probably somewhat healthy.  We had it for breakfast today which obviously validates its authenticity as a healthy addition to you day’s food intake.  I also believe for the traditionalists out there that you can use real sugar, real whipped cream, real sour cream, and real cream cheese.  In any event you must use real strawberries.  If you substitute blueberries, for example, for the strawberries, you need to call it something else.

1.  Strawberries - I heaped up my 4 cup measuring cup with sliced strawberries until they started to slide off.  This would also be about equivalent to about a baseball cap full of sliced strawberries I estimate, in the event you don’t have a four cup measuring device.  For the left brainers, that would be about six cups, but what fun is that?

2.  8 oz.  fat free cream cheese.

3.  8 oz. lite sour cream (1 cup)

4.  1 ea. 8 oz. container of sugar free cool whip.  Make sure to read the label of ingredients carefully as some of the so called sugar free whipped toppings include high fructose corn syrup!  How that can be considered sugar free is amazing.  Brand name Cool Whip has Sucralose.  This one is also fat free.

5.  About 1 teaspoon real vanilla flavor

6.  Two graham cracker crusts, the low fat ones.

7.  Equivalent measure of either Splenda or Stevia to equal 1/2 cup sugar.  Read the label and see the ratio necessary to consider the correct measure.  I used 1/4 cup of granulated Stevia which was equal to 1/2 cup sugar.  Avoid aspartame and other such artificial Sweetners as they make things taste like metallically flavored poop in my opinion.  How do I know how poop tastes, you ask yourself…well, just an educated guess based on other clues.  

Using a large mixing bowl and electric mixer, slowly blend the sour cream, cream cheese, Sweetener, and vanilla until it is creamy and smooth. Carefully FOLD in the cool whip.  Then fold in the sliced strawberries, being careful not to over mix.  Use a spatula/spoonula to add mixture evenly between the two pie crusts.  Cover and refrigerate the pies for 1 hour before gorging yourself. Lick the bowl and spatula before clean up.  If you choose to lick the mixer beaters, please turn the mixer off before attempting that.  Always safety first!

Enjoy this basic foundation, I imagine, with any in-season fresh fruit. I was thinking maybe I would try chopping up a few mangos as a variant for example.  Mixing different fruits sounds good too.  Use your imagination.