Changing my political intake

I posted this a few times on Twitter, but a few people didn’t see it, and I think another few people’s feelings are hurt, so I’m going to explain here and then re-share as often as necessary.

While I was on vacation, I quickly came to the realization that the amount of highly-charged political content I take into my psyche every day is pretty damaging to my spirit. It’s a long story, but I realized that it contributes greatly to the deep bouts of exhaustion and mental incapacitation that I suffer from periodically. (And by “suffer,” I do mean it: my ability to work is the greatest casualty, which is the kiss of death for a freelancer.) Therefore, I started moving most of the follow that post almost exclusively political content over to a politics & social justice list, and unfollowing them. I’ll continue to move more folks over as time goes on; I check that list about once or maybe twice a day. Since many of the same friends share more personal, non-political stuff on Facebook, it’s easier for me to keep in touch there. 

Thus if you find that you can’t DM me, or otherwise discover that I’ve unfollowed, it is nothing personal. I love my peeps desperately, and I love feeling healthy and whole. I hope you all understand!