… I don’t see you arguing for an accurate portrayal of everything in your fiction all the time. For example, most people seem fine without accurate portrayal of what personal hygiene was really like in 1300 CE in their medieval fantasy media. (Newsflash: realistically, Robb Stark and Jon Snow rarely bathed or brushed their teeth or hair). In real life, people have to go to the bathroom. In movies and books, they don’t show that very much, because it’s boring and gross. Well, guess what: bigotry is also boring and gross. But everyone is just dying to keep that in the script.

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Anne Wizorek on her feminist roots

„Das geht uns alle an“

Sind Sie der westdeutschen Frauenbewegung der Siebziger und Achtziger eigentlich dankbar?
Auf jeden Fall. Aber ich bin ja in der DDR aufgewachsen. Ein gleichberechtigtes Leben hat für mich deshalb nicht mit der westdeutschen Frauenbewegung begonnen, sondern mit der Erfahrung, dass meine Mutter arbeiten gehen konnte und dennoch Zeit für die Familie hatte. Etwas, das mit dem Fall der Mauer dann nicht mehr selbstverständlich war.


Are you thankful for the West German women’s movements of the 70s and 80s?

Absolutely. But I grew up in East Germany (GDR). Equality therefore for me didn’t start with the West German women’s movements. Instead it was with having the experience, that my mother could go to work, and still have time for her family. That was something that after the Wall came down was no longer a given.

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After KEEP CALM and CARRY ON Ltd applied for a trademark, Solid Gold Bomb founder Michael Fowler decided to create a flood of parodies. He gathered up a list of words, threw them into a script and pressed ‘go’.
Fowler describes culling a list of ‘millions’ of generated phrases down to 700, and checking the phrases for graphical approximation to the original, apparently without noting the contents.
He claims to be surprised as the rest of us that an offensive combination ended up in the database. (In fact, several offensive combinations showed up, which is to be expected if you put words like ‘rape’ or ‘choke’ or ‘hit’ in your list of verbs.)

He suggests that the reason people got so upset was a lack of digital literacy. I suggest that the reason people got upset was that a company’s shoddy QA practices allowed a rape joke to go live.

Generative programs are force multipliers. Small initial decisions can have massive consequences. The greater your reach, the greater your responsibility to manage your output. When Facebook makes an error that affects 0.1% of users, it means 1 million people people got fucked up.
‘We didn’t cause a rape joke to happen, we allowed a rape joke to happen,’ is not a compelling excuse. It betrays a lack of digital literacy.

Algorithmic Rape Jokes in the Library of Babel | Quiet Babylon

Hear me, O afflicted dudes: If you truly do “get” feminism, you know that, like all oppressed classes, women, as a matter of survival, are intimate to the point of exhaustion with the drives, appetites, illnesses, angsts, yearnings, hopes, dreams, great works, and bodily functions of the oppressor. We grasp these things utterly and without omission because we do not live in a cave; they are the default subjects of all art, literature, music, science, film, blogs, dinner conversation, science fiction, advertising, journalism, legislation, TV, the Internet, religion, technology, sport, and miscellaneous culture both low and high. The minute some dude tells me something I don’t already know about dudeliness, I’ll eat a bonobo.

I Blame The Patriarchy
reminded of this quote today, sigh. at least it makes me giggle a little. 

Much to love about Pinterest

I’m late to the Pinterest game (as far as people whose job it is to be on top of new, hot social media services goes, that is), but I’m completely in love so far. The basic idea is that it’s a way to collect visuals onto various “boards” that are organized by topic. It sounds ho-hum until you try it… and get sucked down the rabbit hole of Pretty and Awesome Things.

In the tech world, there’s been a lot of slamming of Pinterest for being a girly thing— check out this post that nails it at the Clever Girls’ Collective for more on that. Thanks to the Girls, I learned that Pinterest is 70-80% women… WOW. I mean, it’s well-known that women dominate many social media services, but it’s clearly women driving the meteoric rise of this one—not the dudely early adopter tech crowd. 

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