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Crazy dog lady time: Summer frozen yogurt treats

Nom nom nom

A while back, I’d seen these yummy little froyo cups for dogs at a picnic, but had a hard time finding a local store that sold them. Then I thought, “Well, jeez, if it’s just yogurt and fruit without sugar, I can do that.

I’ve been making these little froyo cubes for Izzy for the past couple summers, and she loooooves them. Here’s what I did to make the pictured peanut butter parfait version:

2 cups of plain yogurt (we use non-fat)
3/4 cup of peanut butter (nuked in the microwave for about 20 seconds to make it runny)

Fill the ice cube tray about 1/3 full with yogurt, then put teaspoonfuls of the melty peanut butter on top. Shake the tray to even it out if necessary. Then drop teaspoonfuls of more yogurt on top. Freeze overnight.

Another variation I use is to fill the whole tray with yogurt, and then stuff a couple pieces of kibble or blueberries (fresh or frozen) into the yogurt. If you’re using fruit (remember: no grapes or raisins!), make sure pieces don’t sink to the bottom— I found a couple of cubes hard to get out of the trays when the blueberries stuck.